Oversize cargo transportation

To understand, what an oversize cargo is, it is necessary to come up with the terminology first of all. The most important thing is here to understand what kind of freight falls under legislative definition “oversize load” (oversize cargo). Let’s turn our attention to the Law of the Russian Federation: Regulation of the Russian Federation №272 from April 15th. 2011 “Rules and regulations of motor vehicle transportation” :  an oversize cargo is any type of freight with the height, including carrier vehicle, over 4 m, width 2,55 m and length over 20 m, herewith it should be understand that any parameter mismatch referrers the road train to the oversize category.

To perform such category of transportation at the country’s roads it is obligatory to have the special permission for “a road moving traffic permission for a carrier vehicle, performing the heavy load or oversize cargo transportation”, containing permissible route, transportation speed, and other restrictions of transportation from point A to point B 

Freight transportation problems are actual both for private business and for large-scale companies. Especially acute problem – is the necessity of oversize cargo or farming machinery transportation. 

Company «Negabaritka» was established 11 ago and specializes on heavy weight and oversize cargo carriage within the whole territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries.  We provide only the best quality services, and oversize cargo transportation is no longer a problem for our clients! Dispatching the freight with our company you can be absolutely sure in the quality of the services performance. Cargo safety and optimal transportation price - are two basic principles that we can absolutely guarantee. .

“Negabaritka” LTD has its own vehicle park of world brands like: RENAULT, DAF, MERCEDES, VOLVO, SCANIA, IVECO.

All the fleet units are equipped with GPS modules, providing on-line freight location monitoring. We constantly renew and enlarge our vehicle park.
Our qualified drivers staff and operational professionalism of managers is our key to success, guarantying your order to be executed competently and exactly on term.

We are proud to announce 10,000 orders on diverse oversize cargo transportation to be executed. 

We cooperate with great variety of plants and factories within The Russian Federation, who have a need in a reliable partner in organizing the unconventional and oversize cargo carriage. Among our clients are private farming enterprises and large agricultural holdings, which are interested in quick low loader truck transportation, oversize cargo carriage (combined harvesters, tractors, self-contained seeding machines, etc.) services.

Experience has proven that such kind of transport carriage is the most convenient way of oversize cargo transportation, due to other types of carriage are unavailable in some regions.

Advantages of “Negabaritka” LTD:

- Optimal loading plan and transportation route Elaboration;
- Oversize cargo transportation with the length till 42 m, width till 5 m, height till 5 m, and  heavyweight cargo with the total weight till 100 tonnes;
- Continuous satellite  freight location monitoring;
- Cargo insurance;
- Delivery time compliance;
- Highly qualified staff;
Moreover, at your disposal stand:
- Our own means of transport for all types of oversize cargo carriage.
- Our car fleet for freight forwarding services;
- Our own repair depot;
- Secured area with video surveillance;
- Developed  courier network throughout the Russian Federation;
- We offer worldwide transport services;
- Our Long term operation experience.